Pan & Tilt Pan & Tilt Military Waterproof Case Version

OSIRIS  integrates  a  high-sensitivity and  low-light  HD2L  camera.  This  came-ra  is  equipped  with  an  EM-CMOS  sen-sor  of  2/3  ‘’  FHD  with  a  sensitivity  of 0.00001  Lux  is  also  fitted  with  optical  fil- ters  (day,  night,  fog  and  laser  lighting). 

OSIRIS also has an infrared laser pointer and illuminator with a viewing distance of more than 12km to optimize the use of the Fujin- on® 60x zoom (in OSIRIS-Evo version) inte- grated with this video surveillance system. 

The  OSIRIS-500  version  is  available  with the new Fujinon® F32 zoom with a 500mm focal length, which is particularly well suited to the 2/3-inch sensor of the HD2L camera. .

A second wide-field camera equipped with a 10x zoom lens completes the device that can be used in a vehicle or on tripods in an outdoor environment. Power is supplied by batteries. 

The whole device is mounted on a Pan-Tilt turret. The video streams are accessible on the monitors integrated in the piloting cases which also allow a configuration of the system.  

The video streams can be transmitted via Wi-Fi and / or 3G / 4G.

o read a license plate at 950m.Use of IR filters on HD2L camera to improve the contrast  despite the heat mist...

OSIRIS-EVOdistance 4400 m

OSIRIS-EVO distance 460m, “Night” filter on the HD2L camera, without light. 

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