UFED Infield

Access real-time data for real-time actions

Digital evidence is now linked to virtually every investigation. Consequently, forensic resources are stretched beyond their limits, creating case backlogs and putting investigations at risk. More than ever, teams must work together to gather evidence and act quickly.

UFED InField is a solution that extends simple extraction capabilities to frontline teams. By empowering authorized users to quickly extract and analyze digital evidence with a forensically sound process, feld personnel get the actionable information they need when minutes matter most. Whether deployed in-car on a ruggedized device, in a police station, at a border checkpoint or airport via a Kiosk, this intuitive solution  requires minimal training and captures only the most relevant information while maintaining data integrity. 

UFED InField also helps  reduce case backlogs in the lab and improve workfows for those who need real-time data to inform their next steps and solve cases more quickly.

Key Benefits

Real time data extraction and analysis for feld teams

Logical and physical extractions

Field personnel and investigators can extract specifc data from the widest variety of devices, SIM cards or USBs. 

Increase digital consent 

Encourage consent while lessening privacy concerns. The quick copy function allows victims and witnesses to share only the data that’s relevant to the case and nothing more. Investigators get the information they need to act quickly and decisively, while leaving all other information private.  

 Automatic device detection makes it easy to fnd  the right  workfow by device type. Extract passwords,disable  or bypass  user  locks  and decode  data  from  more  than  1,500 mobile applications in minutes.

Selective extraction

Speed up extraction times, better focus your efforts, and see only what’s necessary to make informed decisions. Users can quickly identify and set parameters around the data required, such as timeframe, person and media type, making extraction times faster and analysis simpler.

Deliver forensically sound evidence

Built on the proven and trusted UFED platform, this powerful, all-in-one software solution has been specially designed for feld teams, providing quick and simple access to the widest variety of devices. Permission-based, intuitive workfows prevent errors or contamination of evidence, while  secure access ensures forensically sound extractions.

UFED InField is available as a software that you can deploy on the hardware of your choice, or with a hardware platform from Cellebrite. 


For in-car or in-field use 

 • Ruggedized Laptop

For single purpose, specific location use

 • Kios



 Windows compatible PC with Intel i5 core or compatible processor running at 2.3 GHz or higher

Operating System

Windows 7 (64-bit version), Windows 8, Windows 10

Memory (RAM)

16 GB (recommended)

Space Requirements

250 GB of free disk space (minimum requirement) for installation and storage

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